In preparation for your pre-travel COVID-19 screening at the Sint Maarten Laboratory Services
(SLS), please read the below instructions carefully.
Please note that pretravel screening is on an appointment basis ONLY

How can you make an appointment for pre-travel screening?

Email the following information to:

– First Name
– Last Name
– Date of Birth (dd-mm-yyyy)
– Gender
– Address
– Telephone nr.
– Email address
– Date of Travel
– Time of Travel
– Passport nr

Once the information is accepted, an email will be sent to you from SLS with your appointment
date and time. Please arrive on time for your appointment!

What will you need for your appointment at the lab?

Please provide an ID and payment upon registration. We accept Cash, Maestro and Visa cards.

What to expect from the procedure?

The nasal swab procedure is performed by trained staff within the lab and takes only a few

How will you receive the results?

Your results will be available online within 24 hours of collection by accessing your SLS patient
portal. Registration of the patient portal will take place when your appointment is made.

Thank you for choosing the Sint Maarten Laboratory Services!!!